3 Secrets Graphic Designers won’t tell you about a Creative Web Design

As a business owner, you strive hard to establish your identity in the industry. You also make it a point to leave your mark in the online industry to gather a huge audience.

The only way you can have an established online identity is by having your very own website. Therefore, you invest and hire web developers and graphic designers for the job. However, a creative web design is not always a big factor in your online identity.

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Sure, you need to make your website look good for clients to visit. But too much of a good thing will always have its drawbacks. We at Perth Website Designer are going to unveil secrets that graphic designers won’t tell you about an effective website design.


It’s already implied that you want your site to look good as possible; however good looks don’t attract sales.

Websites are your online tour guides – that’s the main purpose of your website. It presents your business to potential clients and caters them, showing them around and presenting to them points of interest they should see before they leave.

As your tour guide, your website has the task of providing potential clients with the proper guidance to lead them where they intend to go – and where you want them to be as well. Therefore, you don’t need a pretty design just to attract your audience. Yes you’ll have a winning design, but it doesn’t pay your bills.


It’s important for you to remember that your website’s design is just one piece of the bigger picture.

If you notice things like misleading content and your brand image is attracting the wrong target market, then you can do something to change all these. You don’t have to let your graphics designer do another design from scratch just to fix it.

If you feel there’s something wrong with your site, consult an expert. They can comprehend your website’s different elements. It may come as a surprise to you that there’s nothing wrong with your design at all. Knowing this, you’ll actually save a lot of money and just strategize a plan to fix the problem.


You may have heard of the famous business quote that you get what you pay for –  that’s a fact. However, it’s not true that you need to pay out a lot of cash just to have an effective website.

You’d better be careful when hiring a designer; they may take advantage of your ignorance and charge you a lot just for the task. They can enlighten you by way of fancy talk.

Therefore, it’s good for you to plan your budget ahead of time and find graphic designers who can work within your budget range. Look for a designer that can make your design plans into a reality. Also, you can see other sites as well and observe their design and inquire who made them.

Overall, having a great website is not all about the design, but how can it cater potential clients to either buy or invest in your business. For you to have a good website design, visit us here at Perth Website Designer and avail of our web design service today!