Moving On To A More Responsive Perth Web Design

Moving On To A More Responsive Perth Web Design

Nowadays, experts in web design and development are saying that building mobile versions of websites are a thing of the past. It simply implies that experts should have the mobile in mind first, from the very start – especially in terms of design, that is.

In today’s scenario, responsive design is the name of the game. You may have already heard about it  – like Perth website designer did, yet, there are countless professionals out there who are still holding on to their usual old style.

Why The Need To Let Go

With that said, there’s a need to let go of outdated trends, move on and welcome with open arms the latest design elements. With technology evolving, you might easily fall victim to repetition of antiquated patterns.

Remember, the web design sector is also updating constantly. Sticking to old trends can only weigh you down. You might be surprised you’re now lagging behind the competition!

What is Responsive Web Design?


Responsive Web Design (RWD) or simply responsive design, is a strategy used by the modern crop of designers that can make possible for easy reading and navigation of websites across a wide range of devices. Whether it’s desktop computer monitors or mobile phones –  this approach makes use of flexible layouts, flexible images as well as cascading style sheet media queries when creating web pages.

This means that when building modern websites, it is imperative to think of customers’ user experience and functionality, regardless of whether they are using mobile devices, tablets, and desktop screens. Such approach is especially a must for mobile devices and tablets.

With a responsive design, web pages are possibly delivered in variable sizes, simply because designs are created to respond to the width of any device, no matter what type of gadget there is.

Moving On Towards Mobile Responsive Design


Most people – young and old alike, are now using mobile devices. A research conducted recently revealed that 64% of adults in the US alone own a smartphone, with a higher percentage among the younger population.

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Let’s face it, users don’t care about ‘pinching and zooming’ just to get content to a readable size. What would your reaction be once you experience poor viewing? Perhaps, close the window then move on to something that’s a little easier, right?

If your website is encountering compatibility and antiquity issues, time to consider a viewable experience that complements a complete range of devices. With mobile technology incredibly surpassing desktops, optimising websites deserves utmost attention and thus, should be placed on the highest of priorities.

Google Loves Responsive Design

It’s the giant search engine, Google, that’s encouraging designers to implement RWD so that search engine optimisation for your website will improve. You should be aware that a new algorithm has been pushed out as of April this year. It factors into website rankings on the aspect of mobile device-friendliness. It would analyze the speed with which a web page loads, plus, other imperative mobile best practices.

Don’t let customers pass you by because of old trends that you haven’t let go of just as yet. Move on to responsive Perth web design, for a cutting edge website.