New Perth Web Design Elements Here To Stay

New Perth Web Design Elements Here To Stay

The only thing permanent in this world is change, no doubt about that. This can be true to all aspects of life – and business as well. Even trends in website design come and go. Why? Because we’re now living in a fast-paced digital world. With advancements in technology, everything happens so fast.

In the world of Perth web design, there are trends that experts hold onto for long. Yet, for very obvious reasons, they should let go and move forward. If you’re convinced of this, here are design elements that you should focus on as they are in vogue in recent times, as well as those you have to let go.

  • Keyword-Informed Content Vs. SEO Copywriting

Let’s face it, with Google’s unannounced change to search algorithms, keeping up with the new SEO guidelines is really becoming increasingly harder. What many designers still practise until today is  keyword stuffing and focusing on copy from a keyword perspective. Sadly, such is a no-no in modern SEO. Do it and risk being penalised under the new rule of thumb!

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So, let go of SEO copywriting. Instead, focus on developing copy that can easily be  understood by your prospective clients – one that they can connect emotionally with. Experts highly recommend keeping content on message and using copywriting instead to introduce your brand. Never focus your attention solely on SEO.

  • Responsive Design

What are the “in thing” these days? Of course, mobile devices that include smartphones, tablets, iPads, iPhones and the likes. People are using these instruments to connect with the world. Therefore, they expect these equipment to have responsive designs, for a more  fully integrated user experience.

With a large percentage of Internet usage stemming from mobile devices, its small wonder that designers and developers have become progressive, that is, doing  mobile-first design.  Desktop and laptop designs are now treated only as secondary.


Gone are the days of creating mobile-switched websites, so, it’s time to let go of mobile versions of websites. Creating a responsive design means one that’s able to respond to the width of the device, no matter the type of gadget. With that, the layout can be adjusted according to the contextual experience of users.

  • Combination of Text and Visuals

You think your target market will be interested to click on your site that’s heavily burden with text? Think again. For instance, with the rise in popularity of social media, the likes of Facebook and Pinterest, visual media is also increasingly used. These visuals are placed there not for anything else, but, to impart essential information to  people.

Yes, text-based sites are okay, however, there’s a trend towards richer content experiences, that is, integrate text with relevant colourful pictures including videos and interactive functionality as well. This way will give your audience a more inviting and reciprocated experience.

So, it’s time now to bid farewell to your story in full text. Say hello to visual storytelling and you’ll be surprised at the length of attention your website will be getting from your visitors.

Don’t worry if you’re still old school web designer. We can help you level up by outsourcing the efficient services of our Perth website designer. Browse the pages for more interesting web design info.