Perth Web Design – Trends That Are Buzzing Up In Today’s Websites

Perth Web Design – Trends That Are Buzzing Up In Today’s Websites

Have you ever hopped from one website to another today? Well if you did, you may have noticed that many of them have simpler, more minimalist designs. It’s because the trends nowadays and perhaps even in the future, will be more driven by “performance” considerations. These include flat and minimal design, along with a bigger push towards typography instead of just graphics. Here’s a look at two of the many refreshing web design trends of the year – simplicity and fixed width centred layouts.

Simple, Minimalist Designs Are In!

Forget the days where websites where opulently filled with lots of screaming images, banner ads and pop-up art work. In these modern times, all the non-essential elements are slowly being stripped off.  Simple, minimal designs are the new in thing! According to one veteran Perth Website Designer, websites that have moderate designs may not be necessarily light, but, they are fast-loading and further, don’t have all the unnecessary clutter.

Many of today’s website designers have done the following:

  • streamlined their site’s background colours,
  • trimmed the amount of images or sophisticated layouts, and
  • started opting for cleaner as well as simpler designs

Instead of creating websites that look like mini-dashboards, designers in this era are creating sites that provide a more focused experience, with a single call-to-action that centres the user experience on the most important content.

Fixed Width Centred Sites Are the Norm

Another fast-rising trend is the use of fixed width centred designs which enable images and sections to be visually-stretched or maximised, to keep their content centred on the browser’s viewport.

To the uninformed, a fixed width website is one where the width of the web page does not change, no matter how large or small the site visitor’s monitor or device is. The main content section also has a fixed width and for users who have large monitors, the section will appear in the middle of the screen, but is surrounded by unused space.

For web users who use smaller monitors, if they resize their browser below 800 pixels wide, they will need to scroll left and right to fully view all the content. A fixed width helps viewers get a nice focus of such, and do away with the “width: 100” trend with class.

Flat Designs Are Popular

While “flat” web designs have been around for years already, perhaps it’s only now that it’s being popularly embraced by web designers and developers alike. According to its adherents, flat design refers to design “from which any element that might add depth – from drop shadows to embossing, bevels and gradients – are taken away to produce flat, two-dimensional sites, where the interface elements are simple. You only see lots of buttons and icons to tap or click.

And to make up for the lack of details or texture, colour is now heavily used to enhance visual interest. A lot of websites today feature minimalist looks and have done away with retro colours, too.  Perth web design experts have used images to a minimum or with very simple graphics.