Perth Website Designer – 4 Creative Web Concepts For your Website

Perth Website Designer – 4 Creative Web Concepts For your Website

When the concept of web designing comes to mind, you must recognize the full spectrum of possibilities that the Internet hosts. With boldly accomplished web design, designers can push the limits of human interaction on a worldwide scale.

In this article, we at Perth Website Designer lay down some of the most outstanding web design trends. It is with these trends that you’ll find innovation and brand new opportunities. Some may change your current comprehension of a “modern website”.

Make it Big

“Make it Big” seems to be the only relevant element of web design nowadays. However, it’s hardly acceptable for most that the homepage – above the fold, especially – comprises a minimal number of words overlaid on an image or video.  Oftentimes, even the navigation is eliminated, or is included as a small logo.

The two flavors of this concept can be labeled as either “Cinematic” or “Book Cover”. The first has been inspired by movies and TV ads. On the other hand, the second concept enhances the classic image of a printed book and catalogue covers.

The Parallax Effect and the Animated Storybook

The parallax has gone through a lot of changes, though all possess one thing in common. Web designers utilize page scrolling or movements of the mouse to animate the properties of the page. The parallax effect can also be likened with the animated storybook web design.

In the animated storybook, an animation sequence begins when a user reaches a designated scroll position. Sometimes, it’s just a few elements that slide into the page or utilize a fade-in affect to make it appear.

The Flat Design

During the past few years, the flat design has reigned supreme in the web design industry. It’s still doing its job well and is going to stay for good – especially in smaller aspects such as logos, menus and illustrations. Not only do these aspects look appealing, but they are easily scalable and manageable.

It’s worth remembering, however, that the flat design is not always so flat. Web designers often place subtle gradients, textures and photos for the “WOW!” factor. However, the best thing about the flat design is not the flatness of the ink, but how it opens the viewers to creative visual metaphors.

The Tile Design

If you’re the type who likes to see rectangles, an awesome way to design your site is to use tiles. For some unknown reason, the tile design looks and sells better than Windows 8’s Metro Interface. This concept works best in responsive layouts and, at the same time, maintains an awesome way of assembling an impressive layout.

These concepts have crawled their way to popularity over the previous years. They’re are likely to have a heavy impact on how websites are redesigned in the years to come, too.

Of course, you don’t have to shell out a lot to gain the creative web design you’re looking for. If you want to be in the loop and have a creative website that the masses will surely love, hire us at Perth Website Designer. We’ll put together the website you’ve wished for!